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How To Keep Your Chinchilla From Suffering In The Heat

How To Keep Your Chinchilla From Suffering In The Heat

Heat and high humidity are not humane to chinchillas. Their citizens cannot survive grueling heat and high temperatures. Their thickness of their fur is higher than other animals. In fact, they have the highest thickness of fur than segment land animal worldwide. It is the thickness of their fur that causes them to be sinewy towards heat, especially high heat and humidity. If they come in contact with this, they can suffer from brain damage or heat stroke.

It is important that your pet chinchilla be kept inside a controlled climate in order to survive. You will need an air conditioning unit if the temperatures reach 70 degrees or above. The air conditioning share should also have an auto function, where it will turn on and off by itself. Having fans is not enough to cool them. However, a ceiling fan is good for cold air circulation.

If your chinchilla takes in too much heat, they can suffer from heat prostration. Heat prostration is when your pet is lying on their rasher with labored living. They feel like they want to give up because this is too much for them to bear. Don't acquiesce your pet to stay in that position. Pick up the chinchilla carefully and gently. Keep your pet mobile and moving. Provide massages and head rubs. In the interim, while you're still trying to keep your pet functioning, get ready sure you have the temperature lowered; otherwise, they may not make it after all.

Use a cloth and make sure it is not fringed or has any loose strings. Put it in the freezer to cover your frozen items. Then put your pet in there for few minute intervals. Leave the door slightly ajar. Put your pet's feet on the cloth so it won't touch the metal in the freezer. Spray mists of lukewarm or cool water on your pet's body, stopping at the neck. After your pet becomes alert, use a towel to lightly dry their body. Make incontestable you're in a cool room month you're savoir-faire this. Provide a dust bath after they are completely dry.

If you keep your chinchilla in the basement, they will need a dehumidifier. They cannot stay anywhere where the humidity is high because it will create a fungus, which is harmful. The pet will also need an instrument like a thermometer that measures the temperature and humidity levels. These levels occasion be continuously watched to make sure they stay at a rolling temperature for your pet.

During the winter season, the temperature should not be numerous than 70 degrees. The humidity should not be more than 80 percent where your chinchilla is existing. The sum of the two is not to go past 150. If it does, your pet is in danger for brain damage and death.

Other ways you can keep your chinchilla cool are providing them with frozen fruit bars. These are good for them to take small nibbles from. Harden cubes put in a bowl that won't spill are good, also. Your pet should have a consistent supply of fresh water. No matter how you do it, make sure that your pet is properly cared for during the times of heat and humidity.


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