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What To Do When Your Child Wants A Chinchilla For A Pet

What To Do When Your Child Wants A Chinchilla For A Pet

Let's say your child wants a pet. Ok, you think, " I can reaction with a small puppy or a kitten ". Hmm...... so you think. What if your child told you they wanted a chinchilla for a pet? A chinchilla? Yes, your child says further, a chinchilla. You think, they run-of-the-mill don't know how to spell it, let alone pronounce the word.

It looks like you'll have to do some research on chinchillas. First, you'll have taken into account the mellow of your child. Find out why they would want a chinchilla. Maybe they saw someone else with one and couldn't resist. Young like to compete against each other. Are they old enough to take perplexity of a pet such as this? If so, will they need help? If it's an beautiful animal like this one, more than likely they will need your assistance. They would probably need your assistance anyway because most children have a short attention span.

When they find out the child's explanation for wanting this exotic animal, they have to think about if they really want it in the house or not. Will they be good company for your child? Will the animal and your child have a human to animal relationship? Are they going to be responsible? You'll have to put together your child understand that caring for an exotic animal such as a chinchilla is very different than taking care of a puppy. A chinchilla requires more maintenance.

Once the decision is made to get the chinchilla, there are other factors to take into consideration. You must recognize and mean dashing for changes in your home. Their sleeping habits are different. Chinchillas are basically gloom owls, so if you or your child is not sensitive to noise in the wee hours of the morning, augmented power to you. Chinchillas are known for making noise early in the morning, before the roosters do their cackling. You will use to set aside a room for the chinchilla.

Chinchillas commensurate to roam free, so they need plenty of opportunity. Or you can purchase a cage for them. The cage has to be crowded enough so they can roam around. You must also provide the animal with wheels and chew toys to play with inside the cage. The wheels are moreso for exercise than playing. They cannot be still and must be able to have a few outlets. They are allowed to get out of the cage each day for at least 30 paper. / When they're out of the cage, they must hold supervision so they won't haste over anything or get their legs caught up in wires, etc. Their legs and feet are very delicate.

Then there's the task of keeping them clean. You must use a dust bath to keep their fur fresh and clean. This must be done at least once a week. Keeping them from excessive heat and humidity is another issue. The chinchilla must be kept at a comfortable temperature at all times. Not too hot and not too cold. The moderate temperature must be constant. They can consume dried fruits, such as raisins, but only in comprehension. Their body cannot digest fried fruit every day.

After finding out all of this and you still want your child to have this exotic pet, by all means, give it a try.


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